4 Reasons Why You Should Consider an Adjustable Bed Frame

A custom sleep solution isn’t complete without a base that adjusts to you! Our power bases are designed to solve your biggest bedroom headaches. Below are our top 4 reasons why you should consider an adjustable bed frame.

Snoring prevents you from getting deep, restorative sleep.

The Ergo Smart Base Technology can reduce snoring by automatically adjusting throughout the night. This innovative technology raises the head and torso to help open your airways, all without disrupting your sleep cycle!

You often wake up with swollen feet and/or back pain.

Zero Gravity is programmed into the adjustable base. It is the same position that hospitals place patients in to promote blood flow and body restoration. By raising your head and feet ever so slightly, we also alleviate pressure from your back.

Your mattress doesn’t accommodate other bedroom activities.

Adjustable bases are perfect for night-time readers, movie watchers, and breakfast in bed! You can raise your head and torso to a seated position, allowing you to say goodbye to a sagging stack of pillows that never quite keep you upright.

Late-night trips to the toilet or the kitchen leave you with stubbed toes.

Built-in under-bed lighting will give you just enough light to escape the bedroom unharmed!

Together, we can find the perfect adjustable base for your needs. Try one out at a Snooze near you!

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