If you’re going to spend nearly 50 hours a week in bed, let’s make it feel like the sanctuary you deserve. 

From Malouf’s lavender-infused pillows to DreamFit’s bamboo sheets, you can customize your sleep experience in seconds. 

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Did you know that Pillows equate to nearly 30% of your comfort?

Sometimes, the only thing standing between you and deep sleep is a few minor adjustments. For example, side sleepers often need a thicker pillow to fill the space between their neck and shoulders. A shoulder cut-out is even better because it relieves pressure from your shoulder. 

Back sleepers often need thinner pillows to maintain spinal alignment. The wrong pillow can prop your head up too far, obstructing your breathing and causing neck pain.

Our hand-selected pillow line has a solution for every back, side and stomach sleeper. We even carry lavender-infused pillows for soothing aromatherapy. Our charcoal-infused pillows dissipate heat and absorb moisture. 

Consider us the Willy Wonka of pillows!

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