Build Your Perfect Pillow

Fun Fact: 30% of your comfort comes from the pillow you sleep on.  It’s time to CREATE your own dream pillow with our Fill Station custom pillow station.  Create, Refill and Remake the perfect pillow for a great nights sleep.  Our fill station offers 5 types of pillow fill.  From goosedown feathers to cooling memory foam, we have the fill that you works. best for you.

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Types of Pillow Fill 

Poly Foam

Ultra hypo-allergenic poly foam that gives the Fill Station® Zipper Pillow softness. Offers plush support for the head and spinal alignment. This fiber is extra smooth and light. Feel: very soft, very bouncy, resilient, smooth and durable.

Buckwheat Hulls

Buckwheat hulls, even when packed together inside a Fill Station® Zipper Pillow shell, have natural occurring air space between them. As a result, buckwheat pillows do not become heated like pillows made from foam. Low temperatures are conducive to sleep, so buckwheat pillows allow for a more restful and peaceful night’s rest. Buckwheat hull pillows can be configured to the neck and head and are bought for proposes such as: Night sweats, Neck pain, Headaches, Comfort, Insomnia.

Goosedown Feathers

Down pillows mold to the shape of your head, regardless of your sleeping position. These all-natural pillows are a good choice for those who find their head to be too warm at night, as down allows for airflow through the Fill Station® Zipper Pillow, keeping the head cool.

Cooling Memory Foam

Memory Foam is perfect for all sleeping positions while keeping you Cool. Allows greater ventilation and promotes proper alignment allowing deeper sleep through the night. The foam is antimicrobial and resistant to allergens. The advantage of a shredded memory foam pillow compared to your basic bed pillow is that they are soft yet supportive, have above average pain-relief potential and they won’t clump, shift or develop hollow areas.

Talalay Latex

Using a natural latex in the Fill Station® Zipper Pillow is an excellent option that will help you to sleep better. Natural latex is able to naturally breathe, and is resistant to dust and mildew. This material is both cushioning and supportive, which makes it extremely comfortable to sleep on.